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Body, Mind and Spirit. We are one… We are unique ..We are. In this world 90% of the population finds their selves unhappy or struggles daily, with a mental or physical sickness. WHY IS THIS ? Is this because everyday we find ourselves doing the same thing over and over again and listening to the things and other people tell you what to do and how to live your life. Cops, Judges, Prime Ministers, and Authority says we have to do this to be able to live there way and cover our costs. I look around everywhere and see people that aren’t smiling or enjoying their selves at all. They are listening to what someone else says or needs them to do..all the time. OR their heads are facing down into a screen that builds a wall around us, disconnecting from socializing with the people right in front of us. We listen to our minds, because he told me this and she told me that … So we stop listening to our hearts. We stop going outside and exploring the beautiful calm nature and instead we always are using technology and forgetting about what I want to do, What do I like, What do I need. How does this make any sense? It doesn’t , everyone is just to busy with their heads down to see or care what is actually going on.

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It’s time to make a change in your life and think outside of the box and see what everyone else cannot.. It’s time for you to become successful and help change this world, but first change you need to begin within yourself.

Start with a 15 minute MEDITATION everyday and you will start to feel and learn the most interesting facts of who you are within. When you see a surface, they’re always something deeper and under that surface..There is always a deeper truth. You will start to alternate/ shift and raise your vibrations within your world from the way your heart is beginning to feel and become aware of everything. You will open up the pathways for wealth and abundance to flow right on through to you and you will feel a peace, calmness and happiness that you haven’t felt or understood in your entire being. Yes it takes time and practice with a lot of meditation and accepting, but it is the best thing you could do for yourself NOW.

‘Be the Best Version of Yourself‘      

BELOW are the top meditation videos and audios. Click onto one of the nine links, and start manifesting the best life, full of awareness NOW.

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Brandi Robbins


Find Your Inner Peace

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Inner peace is a choice, and many of your habits determine how much peace you experience in your daily life. Balance is not only a thing you must achieve but it should also become your lifestyle. Everyday most of us spend our lives slaving towards a job and a life that brings chaos, stress and a constant feeling or worry of not being or having enough. These thoughts and efforts of trying to live up to some life or some person that isn’t truly who we are, is tiring, miserable and pointless.                     Do what makes you happy and find your inner peace. What and Who are you living for ? 

Here is a list of ways to make a change in your life to find your inner peace and bring balance into your lifestyle.

  •  Be true to yourself.  Forget about the materlistic things in life and living up to what everyone else wants you to do or be, these things will never make you happy. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do and live how you want to live. This is your life and you deserve to be happy.

  • Let go of the things you can’t control. We spend so much of our time trying to control people and things and when we can’t this can bring frustration and unhappiness. When you force something, it’s probably not meant to be. It’s when something flows together than that is a true force. Allow things to flow in and out of your life, because everything happens for a reason and if you let your higher power to align everything in place where it’s meant to be then you can be in peace.

  • Do good deeds and help others. What goes around come around, so doing something good  for the world or someone will always come back around and good things will happen to you! Helping someone is always the best feeling not only for them , but you too. In this world we take so much more than we give and you can make a change by being the person to give. Pay it forward to someone, when someone helps you. 

  • Exercise and eat healthy. The crap we intake into our bodies and then on top of that spend our nights sitting on a couch watching tv. Get out more and go for a run outside or at the gym. Physical activity is SO important for our bodies and without it we cannot be physically or mentally stable. Eating healthy is super important too, and keeping a healthy and balanced diet will help us live a life feeling good inside and out daily.

  • Meditate.  Taking 15 minutes out of your day to meditate is so helpful and will bring so much inner peace into your life. Most people think they don’t have time for it for just don’t believe in the power of meditation. It will truly change your lfie and help you discover a huge part of your inner self .

  • Remove toxic and negative people. This can be a really tough thing to do, letting go of people some times hurts, but when they are negative in your life or toxic and make you feel bad about yourself or everything is about them….It’s time to let go and meet people who will only bring peace and love into your life and love your for who you are.

  • Be assertive. Be upfront and honest with your ideas, needs and desires. Being passive results in having less control and having less control in your life can effect your inner peace in very negative ways. Don’t let others stand in your way, take full control… You are in chage and this is your life.ter to inner peace. Be bold without being aggressive.

  • Escape for a while. Read a novel, watch a movie, listen to music or even think about going on a vacation or doing something fun with your family or friends. Life is about having fun and laying on a beach, or colouring a picture or making a scrap book will bring out your creativity and bring in peace. 

  • Don’t take everything so serious. We live to impress people, when really we should just live to be happy and in peace. Forget about what anyone else thinks, smile , make jokes , be a weirdo, dress how you want, do what you want. No ones perfect and the ones that are judging you are miserable with theirselves. Live a little and just be yourself …. Don’t take everything in your life so serious, that won’t bring you peace.

  • Be Grateful. Be Grateful for everything you have in life and you will truly find yourself living in peace. Everyone’s lives has challeneges in it but we must not focus on only these and be weighed down by them. Count your blessings and even create a journal, to write the things you are grateful for everyday. These things will alwats bring you peace inside and out.

  • Listen to music. It doesn’t matter what type of music it is, but find the type of music that soothes your soul and makes you feel so peaceful and calm inside. Sometimes it can be the melody or for other it can be the lyrics, either way mus always helps people find a peace of their selves.

  • Breathe. When you focus on your breathing, your mind’s attention is drawn to the life-enhancing process of drawing in air and exhaling. Take five long, deep breaths and focus on your lungs and diaphragm as you do this. This is a quick and easy way to instantly feel calm and peaceful.

  • Self Love.  The more we like ourselves, the greater our peace of mind. We accept ourselves more and feel at ease in the world, no matter what situation we find ourselves in. We experience less insecurity and as a result, our inner peace is heightened.

  • Love Unconditionally. When you don’t expect anything back, it makes it easier to love without fear. When we love with conditions attached, our unmet expectations can create inner turmoil and feelings of resentment. Insecurities destroy peace of mind.

We are Only Trapped by our Thoughts

Our lives are continuously producing thoughts on literally everything that exists, we have always been taught to have something to say (a thought) about everything infront of us. Some people’s life’s are smooth and easy going and that usually leads a life of good thoughts and feelings to follow. On the other hand they’re people who have to experience a lot negativity in their lives and this leads them to having a bunch of negative thoughts. Each negative thought a person has, starts out by putting like a bar around our mind and eventually 100 bad thoughts in one day or even an hour is wrapped around your mind and self like a prison cell. Each negative thought adds one bar up to go around you. This can keep are person deeply stuck inside of theirselves and losing the freedom of their lives. What we have to remember and know though, is we can control these thoughts , which means we can control our life and it’s so easy to forget all of this when these bad thoughts start telling us… unnecessary things. We start to listen to the negative and our beliefs tend to follow them too.

Every negative thought needs to be stopped and changed into a positive one, no matter how many times it takes you to tell yourself over and over again and correct those thoughts into good ones. You direct and control your life and deserve one you love to live. Don’t let someone else’s negative thoughts or your own in general take control because as soon as you let them go and become aware of the things you can change … you will understand how perfect you are and a negative voice in your head, doesn’t have to make you feel that way. Remove it, replace it and free your mind.

Everyday – Self Love & Care Stress Reliefs

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Free your mind

The most important thing in life is keeping balance in your daily life, when it comes to your self care, this is extremely important and effects a persons’ self-esteem majorly. You must love yourself first, before you can love anything else, and if you keep convincing yourself that this isn’t true, then you are constantly fighting with yourself to be happy. 

Sometimes we struggle daily and find ourselves so stressed out by a situation in our lives, that is can lead us into depression or sometimes feeling so drained that we forget to take care or ourselves. We need to take care of our needs first and make sure we are showing our self the love we deserve.. Treat yourself daily with one thing that you enjoy, self care will always help pick you up and help you keep shining bright like the beautiful person you are.

Sometimes we struggle daily and find ourselves so stressed out by a situation in our lives, that this can lead us into depression or sometimes feeling so drained that we forget to take care of ourselves. We need to take care of our needs first and make sure we are showing our self the love we deserve. Treat yourself daily with one thing that you enjoy or brightens your soul. Self care and love will always help pick your moods up and help you keep shining bright like the beautiful person you are. 

Here is the List of SELF LOVE & CARE – STRESS RELIEFS, these will help you by completing atleast one a day for yourself!

  • Take a relaxing bath  
  • Meditate 
  • See a comedy movie at the theatres
  • Go shopping for a new outfit or something that you really like 
  • Get dressed up and go out with some friends 
  • Turn your music up all the way and dance your heart out 
  • Talk to someone ( coucellor, friend, teacher, parent, etc.)
  • Go tanning in the salon or outside 
  • Brush your teeth and even try using whitening strips 
  • Get a hair cut or a new hair style 
  • Massage Therapist 
  • Mani and Pedicures are extremly relaxing 
  • Go away for a weekend and relax
  • Go swimming in a hotub or use a sauna 
  • Prepapre yourself a healthy meal plan for the week 
  • Spend more time going for walks in the nature 
  • Create a personal journal with goals, desires etc.
  • Light up the house with candles and open a bottle of wine 
  • Turn off your phone or shut your computer down for the weekend 
  • Face masks 
  • Go out for a nice dinner with your partner
  • Catch up with some old friends 
  • Smoke some marijuana ( if you agree with this substance)
  • Fufill your sexual needs and desires with someone 
  • Try out karaoke
  • Make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate
  • Create a scrap book or DIY project
  • Lay under or watch the stars at night
  • Have a campfire
  • Rent a boat or jet skis
  • Embrace your inner child
  • Throw on comfy clothes and put your feet up
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Allow Wealth to Flow Into Your Life

We must always be happy with what we have and positive with what we do not. You could have $83.00 in your bank or pocket, and instead of having any negative feelings or thoughts cling on to that $83.00, you must change your thought process and be truly grateful and happy with the amount you have. Enjoy the awareness of having that amount of money and know the value is very high.

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Even if your money fell out of your pocket and you lost it , they’re no reason to get upset because you should believe that your wealth will flow right back into your life again, with more power to it. Feel love towards money and hold no greed on it, just to act selfish and become miserable over it. When another person could use a dollar or you could be kind and choose to pay it forward, share your money especially when you have no use for it. Don’t become sad, angry, doubtful, stressed, and pretty much any emotion latched on to the thought of money, just let it go. Don’t squeeze it to tight and choke it to death so that it stops flowing towards you.

Let it go, let it flow and be happy with what you have always.

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Four♥Your Life Agreements

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Be Impeccable with your Words

  • Speak with integrity.
  • Say only what you mean.
  • Avoid speaking against yourself with words and gossiping about others.
  • Use the power of the word only in the direction and meaning of truth and love.

Don’t Take Anything Personally

  • Nothing others do is because of you.
  • What you or others say is a reflection of your own reality.
  • When you don’t let the opinions or actions effect you, you won’t be a victim of unneeded suffering.

Don’t Make Assumptions

  • Find the courage to speak out for yourself and ask questions by expressing your voice.
  • Communicate clearly with others to avoid misunderstanding, drama and hurt feelings.
  • Using just this agreement in your life will transform your life very fast.

Always Try Your Best

  • Moment to moment, your efforts will change, sometimes if you are sick or sad it will be at a different level , but that’s okay.
  • Simply always do your best and never stop believing in yourself.
  • Love yourself no matter what and you will remove self-judgement, self- abuse, and any regrets along your unique and powerful journey.

Open my book if you won’t judge..It’s a little broken

Nothing on or in my world never made much sense to me at all. You wouldn’t look at me and think that I had so many problems on the inside that you cannot see. Once you looked a lot deeper, opened me up and started to become aware of who I am, you would probably be shocked and think about closing my book.

You see, from the outside I am a beautiful, pale female. I have short, shoulder length hair that is the colour of Strawberry Blonde. I am skinny but almost have a fit male build to my body and I stand 5’6 inches tall. You can spot some freckles and acne on my face along with my off white straight teeth from smoking. People compliment my choice of fashion and for my personality, I choose to be outgoing, friendly and people get along with me and love me. People love what they see.

Now let’s open me up and see who I am inside. My heart broke when I lost the other half of me(my bestfriend)died on my knee while I was 14 years old. Following months after my father came home on my birthday with the news that he is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and has less than one year to live. Ouch. Depression started taking over me for the first time and I was also diagnosed with bi polar disorder. My parents divorced shortly after and I kept way too much in from everyone and that led me to becoming very suicidal and even taking multiple actions towards dying. Then my brother choked on his vomit and passed away and I lost it. I became addicted to drugs and drinking and had multiple stays in the hospital, lost my mind and stopped caring for myself and everyone around me. I couldn’t of cared one bit to be alive, I was hoping most days that I would just die.

I finally opened up to going into rehab. After years on years of going through these heart aches and breaks, my grandma passed away and my other grandma developed throat cancer. I seeked help and got clean and took on the role of care taking for my grandma and grandpa so they could stay together through her cancer. I started my own personal healing journey from the years of damage and I’ve come so far and picked up so many pieces, of course luckily to have my family who helped pick up as many as I did ! Those years and pains felt like they would never end , but those struggles made me who I am today and the strength I have inside…it came from a lot of pain. I don’t let a lot of people know about the inside part of me, but it’s who I truly am. You guys are the first people I have choose to share my story with and if anyone is struggling with theirselves or having a hard time in life.. I am here for you and I care.