Helping Yourself or Someone Else Struggling with a Mental Illness

Having to fight against your own mind daily is not easy… It’s a war that seems to never end…A spiral of unnecessary thoughts that never stop spinning. Some people think mental health is all in our heads and that’s the problem… It is in our minds and we have to learn how to cope with it. Instead of physically having a cut on our arm and remembering we fell while riding a bike, we have wounds in our lives, memories and feelings inside and the things that happened to us effect the way we think.
A lot of people are brought up well as a child and their minds develop to be relaxed and think positive about their selves and their lives, while some of us aren’t so lucky. While we were children or even sometimes being an adult, our minds were developing and we were neglected and told we were bad or not good enough. We were physically abused because we didn’t do what our parents wanted and we literally never had the chance to even have a childhood because our parents stole that from us and we were forced to do everything that they wanted…Our minds and actions were forced to be controlled and that made our minds develop always fighting the answer or the right thing to do, or even to choose what we truly want and deserve. We were always wishing we could go do something or be someone and their was always a voice barking back NO, or a hand slapping a feeling of sadness, pain and rejection.
This altered our minds over time to always thinking negative…always have a voice or a bad thought barking back no your not good enough. This always made us listen to people and never stand up for ourselves because we were afraid too and a lot of times it lead us into toxic relationships because we never accepted that we didn’t deserve to be treated like shit or controlled like a remote. It took our voice away and made our minds constantly think negative and sit in the dark alone.
All of this that lead up to us developing a mental illness, it takes a lot of strength to work through the process of recovery and begin to heal. We have to learn how to cope with this illness and learn how to love ourselves. It takes a lot of time and courage to reprogram the mind but in the end we deserve it and we deserve a life of not always having to constantly fight ourselves everyday. What breaks my heart is some people don’t receive the help they deserve and need and take their lives because it is too much for them to live through everyday so they rather just not be here.
  • If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health or physical.. Here are ways you or someone you love can cope and get help dealing with a mental illness. (Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Manic, Anger, Schizophrenia)
    • Find out what kind of problems they are struggling with, and help them reach out to the mental health resources in the community

      If feeling suicidal or in psychosis, get yourself or them to a hospital right away. If they are resisting, call the ambulance, as they might not be in the right mind state to make their own decision and you could save a life

      Instead of judging and guessing, ask someone if they are okay. People tend to keep quiet and bottle things up, when they really just need someone to talk to and let it all out.

    • Offering acceptance and compassion, can light someone’s world right up and take them out of the dark place.

    • Seek community mental health councillors or psychiatrists for professional help.

    • If you are feeling stuck and need help, talk to someone and ask for the help. You may think that no one cares or understand but there is a lot of love and help out there for you.

    • If you spend a lot of time with your loved ones and they take medication, help making sure they are taking it everyday. Sometimes when we start feeling better or fall into a deep depression we stop taking them and that leads us back to being even more chemically unbalanced.

    • Try to be supportive and understanding no matter what, you may feel frustrated that things are not going your way but remember they are sick mentally and they need help before they can function properly. Putting pressure or getting mad at them to go to school or work is only going to make things worse. They are not to blame for their illness and you can help encourage hope.

    • Finding help or helping someone get to their appointments is very important.

    • Genuinely express your concern

    • Educate yourself on the illness

    • Have realistic expectations

    • Including your family member or friend in your plans can really turn someone’s day around. No one likes to feel left out and alone.

    • Never make them feel any worse or different from others.

    • Just be there for them and love them no matter what they’re going through. Your love and support is what will give them hope and guide them to the light in their recovery

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