The Truth & your Freedom

'What you don't know can't hurt you' I've heard that saying a million times but the truth is what I didn't know, was destroying me. They say that the truth will set you free but it can't set you free because it depends on what you are holding onto. The worlds truth? Buddha's truth? Your [...]


If your family is not your everything , they’re not your family because blood runs deep and hearts beat together and your family needs alll the pieces to be one… and you are the piece that a family needs to see. So you must get up and fight for your families place in this world. [...]

Open my book if you won’t judge..It’s a little broken

Nothing on or in my world never made much sense to me at all. You wouldn't look at me and think that I had so many problems on the inside that you cannot see. Once you looked a lot deeper, opened me up and started to become aware of who I am, you would probably [...]