Creative Mind

Tornado Warning – Poem by Brandi Robbins

Something wasn’t right from the start

Maybe the fact I was blind or saw life as beauty and art

You were fast to run in and start grabbing

Maybe it’s all you’ve known , that’s why your so good at back stabbing

Sad that a person could be like a tornado

That’s just human nature, some people love some people hate ya

But we were taught to be afraid … run and hide it’s comin this way

They is always that one person who wants to drive right up

Gets so close until she’s stuck

Then grabs the wheel and panics

Didn’t realize it was so satanic

Lucky enough to slip away

Something so close, would have put you in your grave

It doesn’t care if you see another day

Add you to the mess and make you a slave because it was made that way

It’s hurts to know that he couldn’t love me

The scars he caused inside, looked as if lighting struck me

Try so hard everyday but nothing was good enough so they keep sucking everything away

Everything you own, once it’s gone… he’ll leave you alone.

That day is the worse and so are weeks after but I finally opened my eyes and saw what a disaster

This gave me time to start building up the life that’s mine

Stealing someone’s heart and mind should be considered a crime

So long to heal, but one day it got better

Knowing my worth and realizing I deserved better

You can never fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed

They only came to you, prepared with their tricks

Only to use you , abuse you and accuse you

Easier said than done

But so worth it just to fly away better than having to run

while he manipulates you to stay

Just know you are amazing and it’s never to late to be saved

please be careful..

You are not the same compared to the insane

It’s different when someone can’t care and wears a mask everyday

When they’re the reason your heart is torn away

Thanks for reading!

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