We are Only Trapped by our Thoughts

Our lives are continuously producing thoughts on literally everything that exists, we have always been taught to have something to say (a thought) about everything infront of us. Some people’s life’s are smooth and easy going and that usually leads a life of good thoughts and feelings to follow. On the other hand they’re people who have to experience a lot negativity in their lives and this leads them to having a bunch of negative thoughts. Each negative thought a person has, starts out by putting like a bar around our mind and eventually 100 bad thoughts in one day or even an hour is wrapped around your mind and self like a prison cell. Each negative thought adds one bar up to go around you. This can keep are person deeply stuck inside of theirselves and losing the freedom of their lives. What we have to remember and know though, is we can control these thoughts , which means we can control our life and it’s so easy to forget all of this when these bad thoughts start telling us… unnecessary things. We start to listen to the negative and our beliefs tend to follow them too.

Every negative thought needs to be stopped and changed into a positive one, no matter how many times it takes you to tell yourself over and over again and correct those thoughts into good ones. You direct and control your life and deserve one you love to live. Don’t let someone else’s negative thoughts or your own in general take control because as soon as you let them go and become aware of the things you can change … you will understand how perfect you are and a negative voice in your head, doesn’t have to make you feel that way. Remove it, replace it and free your mind.

The children raised by narcissists, you are warriors.

My whole life consisted of being raised by two liars that lived for control of everything and everyone, especially the easiest one to control, their own child. I was blind to everything, and craved love so bad from other people but the truth is, I had never been loved and didn’t know what love was. I thought it was okay to be treated bad and put down but 10 minutes later be fine and enjoy that persons company around me. I thought it was okay to always treat someone so well and make sure that they are okay even though if I wasn’t okay it was usually from them and they didn’t care. I thought it was okay to always be put second and my voice never be heard. I thought it was okay to raise myself and comfort myself always, because that’s what I had to do. It wasn’t, it was never okay but their was a shelter over my head and I couldn’t see outside of the lies and abuse. This lead me constantly being treated like crap by people and accepting that I wasn’t normal or good enough. Abusive relationship after relationship because I thought they loved me and this was how a person was suppose to be treated. A lost sense of who I was, I never lived for myself. When I finally realized how sheltered I was from abuse the heart ache stung like no other, how could two human beings be so sick when they were given such a perfect gift in life ? I had to let that go and accept that’s who they were and that this didn’t have to be my life or me anymore. I had to walk away, from that moment anything that didn’t serve me in a positive matter and from there I could slowly start to grow and heal from the 23 years of straight bullshit. Years of not wanting to live or feeling like nothing. Everything could change into the complete opposite when I stepped out of my parents umbrella, that i was holding and put it down just to walk right into the sunshine. I moved out on my own and started to seek help. I cut off unhealthy relationships and started to live everyday for me and that’s where I slowly but surely found my purpose. I started to travel to different countries and it opened my eyes so much to the pure beauty in this world. I was stuck under the dark for so long and it felt so good to be free. They’re hope and if you feel like you have been raised under a similar roof or involved yourself in certain negative circles , start by seeking help or try separating yourself from them to start. They’re the storm and the rainbow after is your life waiting for you.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com